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Monday, March 12, 2012


On my way home from attempting to see the geese at the Delta Snow Goose Festival (don't ask) I traveled through the small and dying mining town of Eureka, UT. Though the light was not exactly where I wished it to be, I still was yearning to take the opportunity to exercise my creative muscles a bit and get out to stretch my legs.

I found some fun details and textures in the downtown area.

Have I mentioned that I love painted buildings? Raptures for them really.

A while back on of the online forums I participate in had a padlock thread. Took this just in case it ever gets resurrected. That and I liked the colors.

The textures of this rusting truck and the tire chains kinda made my heart warm.

This house was a lot of fun, unused, but at one point it looks to have been a beautiful home with some lovely details. Would be fun to have seen it in its glory.

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