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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cars.... Cars.... Cars.....

I love photography. I love old cars. I love using old lenses. I especially love using old lenses to take pictures of Old cars.

My local town has a Country Fest every June, and with that a car show. I finally had a weekend where my weekend off coincided with the Fest. I decided to put my K 24mm f2.8 30+ year old Manual Focus lens on my K200d, and my K35mm f3.5 in my pocket (only used it for a few shots, not sure if any made it onto here, the 24mm was perfect) I shot mostly wide open at f2.8 or maybe stopped down a tidge, and most importantly I had a GREAT TIME!

(As always click on a photo to get a larger version.)

Powder blue MG, I love the bug eye lights on these boys, the chrome, just love it!

Next a '68 Cord (I think) not really sure if the tubes have a real purpose but they look cool!

Self portrait in Chrome.

Someone had restored an old Ford Truck, beautifully as well, due to the crowded nature of the place, shots of the whole car were often crowded and not particularly aesthetic so..... you get lots of detail shots from me. Which actually worked well with the focal length and aperture combo.

I then came to the car I LOVED the MOST! A 1957 Chevrolet BelAir, THE classic car of the 50's next to the '59 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Convertible, you know! The one with the FINS!

Anyway, this car was done in a dark Candy Apple Red, with some of the chrome accents re-done in gold. Oh it was NICE!

It is the details that set these cars apart, and boy are those details nice.

Bullet bumpers... oh yeah!

Aiming for the sky!

Sadly moving on I found a '55 or '56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria in black, a nice restoration and worth a few pictures too.

Last but not least there were a few Cobra's to play with, unfortunately they were so close together that good shots were harder to come by. Here are a couple that I liked.

This one is a bit over the top, but seemed to be well received when posted on-line. I may do a little bit more editing and print it.


Scott said...

Beautiful job on these. One of the best parts of summer is the car shows. I've never seen one that was totally chrome or whatever they did to make a mirror out of it like that. Great!

Stieney said...

I want these cars!!!

Frank said...

A famous dead architect said "God is in the Details".

These images are inspiring!