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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grabbing Sunrises....

I have a penchant for looking at things for a long time before realizing that there is a photo opportunity there. I have been driving (or riding) past this Cemetery for almost 6 years as part of my daily commute. I have always been struck by the incongruity of an anti aircraft gun in the middle of it. I had passing thoughts that I really should stop some day and look closer at it, but never thought (what is WRONG with me?) to take a picture of it.

Well I was driving in last week and with the developing sunrise (a scarce thing recently) looking better each moment I had the spark of inspiration to drop in and grab a quick shot or two. Really quick as I was not in a situation where I had a lot of time. Here is what I got, hope I remember to visit it again sometime.

The Sentinel


Still aiming, hopefully never to be used again.

1 comment:

dawnalee said...

Tis the veterans section of the cemetary where vets can have a plot compliments of their benefits of having served. :o)