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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New/Old Lens: SMC Pentax 24mm f2.8

I have been on a lens collecting kick recently. I have a soft spot in my heart for old school photography. One lens, not a zoom, all manual exposure setting, manual focus. It seems to get my creative juices flowing. I have felt that my kit has a hole on the wider end. I was able to rectify that by the purchase of a 24mm lens from a fellow forum member on one of my photography forums.

Now you have to understand, Pentax always has made stellar prime lenses (i.e. non zooming) and the ones I have are no exception, though I have my doubts about my 50mm f1.4, it seems to have a different color rendering than the others... still a great lens just different. Anyway, in Pentax land we call this Lens Buying Addiction (LBA) which is an affliction that also brings great enjoyment. This lens may soon become my desert island lens, though my 35mm f3.5 is a strong candidate for that role as well, it is just SO SHARP! Though I haven't tested this lens much it seems plenty sharp and has nice color rendition.

This was taken the other day, handheld-braced on a ticket vending machine, 1/5 sec at f5.6.

Just goofing around on my lunch break, I find that the focal length is pleasingly wide without being extreme and distorting things. It also is just a nice size and handles nicely as well.

Colorful backboards waiting for ambulances to pick them up on the next run. The joys of working at a trauma center.

The Pointe of the Huntsman Cancer Center. I normally would have gone ULTRA wide 10mm or so and distorted things, this may be a better approach...

I loved these trees sitting on the landscaping, wish I had known about them before, I would have gotten my lunch to go more often!

f2.8, having that large of an aperture is always handy to limit your depth of field. I was surprised that I had this level of sharpness wide open.

The Walker Center in downtown SLC, I really do like the colors that this lens produces. and the lack of Vignetting.

As a landscape lens it does alright.

One of my first shots, I am going to like this lens!

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