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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 2 Zions Canyon National Park

So the second day, was planned to do Mystery Canyon but I bowed out due to the roughness of the Entry called "Death Gully" I wasn't sure my body was up to that. So I hiked with the boys up to Observation Point and then went back down while they went and abused themselves. Not that Observation point was a namby pamby hike. It was really quite steep. 2100ft elevation gain but beautiful.

Here was my haul for the day. To see a few more shots than I have posted, here is a slideshow.

North wall from the Watchman Campground.

As a bonus the trail head at Weeping Rock starts off in the shade in the morning (a good reason to start this hike EARLY!) it is much more exposed in the afternoon and evening. Coming back down was like being in a furnace with the sun beating on you and reflecting back from the rock. As it winds steeply up the face of the canyon, you are quickly afforded fantastic views towards the narrows and Subway areas.

You get to see some fun areas, this is a short (very short) slot section, the trail goes up and to the left where a trail has been hacked out of the wall to make access easier. I have to say this is a VERY well maintained trail.

Once you are up onto the plateau your views are breathtaking! Though that could have been the hike.....

The three crazies, took this as a last pic, just in case. Figured it would look good on the local news.

Yeah... that is me....

I love these kind of shots!

Lizard Boy kept looking at me and posing, until I got my camera out! Then he got shy, but I was able to get this one decent shot.

There were several daredevil chipmunks that would come right up to you, I am sure they get fat off of the crumbs and detritus that is left there from peoples snacks/lunches. They were really cheeky, I caught one trying to get INTO my backpack!

Guess he was a little tired.

Not sure of the artistic merit of this one, but I like the contrast of the vibrant yellow and the dead wood.

Heading back down I couldn't help but take another. This is such a beautiful place.

When in the desert, I am constantly amazed at the hardiness and tenacity of the plant life. How is that tree hanging onto the side of that cliff? There is no dirt there!

This is a view of the early parts of the trail, it is amazingly steep.

My plan was to meet the canyoneering folks here where Mystery drops into the lower part of the Narrows. I was supposed to wait until 3:30, if they hadn't shown go back to the shuttle stop and look for them, and if they were not there leave at 4:00 and wait by the van back at the visitors center. I had the keys you see. Well I waited until 3:40 and they got there at 3:45... dang! Still bummed I didn't get to shoot them.

Anyway this is the last rap out. Would have been fun, I still wonder if my body would have handled it, but having numbness in one hand while rappelling is not a safe thing.

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