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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ah..... a New Lens!!!! Pentax K 35mm f3.5 (The Poor Man's Limited)

Got lucky enough to purchase a lens at a firesale price from a friend of mine (Ron Brandon aka brandrx on DPReview) it is a Pentax SMC K 35mm f3.5, one of the first series of lenses in the Pentax K bayonet mount, when they switched from their old ScrewMount (M42) style lenses. I have wanted this lens for a long time to match with my other K lenses. I have to say so far that I think it is a beauty! Color and contrast are really good even wide open and it is sharp too. I really need to put it on a tripod and try some controlled testing, but I reckon that it is at least as good if not better than my Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5, not bad for a 30+ year old lens!

First two shots are in the Scofield, UT Cemetery, went to visit a grave of a greatgrandmother and meet Ron to buy the lens as it is sorta midway between the two of us. Though I think it does tend to overexpose, in part due to the fact that I only get spot metering when using non "A" aperture ring lenses.

This is a beautiful place and I need to visit again early in the morning I think.

I call this "Rural Decay" because Scofield is not urban or suburban by any stretch.

We ate lunch at a small park, while my tadpole #3 was playing I saw this just a few feet from the last shot, I love the colors this lens produces!

The rest of the shots here were taken this morning in the area around my house. This lens is a great "Walkaround" lens.

I did NO color adjustments at all, just a slight exposure adjustment and two passes of USM (one at 100%, 1.5 pixels, 3 threshold, and another at 20%, 60 pixels and 0 threshold)

These guys are untouched, the first is at f5.6 or f8.

Tried to frame it the same but failed, this is at f3.5 (wide open) I think that the bokeh is reasonable both stopped down and wide open!

I love this bridge, it is on Oquirrh Lake by my home. I was combining breaking in some new hiking boots and playing with my new lens.

Unusually for Utah there was some fungi growing, I thought it would be fun to again play with the aperture/DOF. This was at f8

The rest of these are at f3.5, the bokeh is slightly nervous but not bad to my mind.

I really am impressed with the sharpness. Here is a goose that I think turned out quite nicely, again with two passes of USM.

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