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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The First Flowers of the Year!!!

I have been watching these guys for a few weeks, just waiting for them to open up. Finally when we went over to my parents on Sunday they were blooming... well one of them was! I set up my new tripod (more about that in a sec) and tried for a few shots. Not wanting the kids to be running amok without me for too long I didn't linger but was impressed at the versatility of my tripod.

These first two have had my standard post processing done.

This one I believe is an untouched original... I think....

Here is my tripod, it is really really cool, the center column can tip over and get really really close to the ground. I could have gone lower and shot up into this flower if it had been taller and the light was co-operating. For those that care it is an Induro AX 213 6M Alloy tripod with a Vanguard SBH-300 Ball head.

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