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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Few From Monday Night

Ran away at sunset to try to get some nice photos, the sunset didn't co-operate but the light was sure interesting. Here are the ones I liked.

Similar to one I took last June with my Pentax K-135 f2.5, would have to do a lot of clean up to get this looking that good. The 55-300 is not quite as sharp but does a good job!

Racked out to 300mm, I lowered the tripod to make it more stable, which helped tremendously. Though I think there is a little more sharpness to be wrung out of the lens with my newer tripod I am expecting.

Sunset over the lake. Really liked this shot!

I think I will need to try this later in the summer when the sun sets behind the bridge. May not get that smooth of water but I will definitely try!

I tried this with varying amounts of fill flash to bring me out, but I found that it just looked kinda fakey. This more accurately captures what I saw as I sat and watched the light fade. this is one of my favorite times of the day.


dawnalee said...

Love the silhouette shot of you at the end. The cloud reflections in the lake are amazing.

In the first shot, I love the row of houses on the right. Wow. I'd crop that part and hang it. They have an intriguing texture.

Yea! for you and sharing your fun. :o)

Lloyd said...

Thanks D'Lee!

The reflections actually looked better on camera than in real life.

The houses are cool for sure. It is an unusual texture. That time of night is a good time to take photos. If you have a good tripod!


Karen said...

That 300 mm creates a great photo making the mountain range look most impressive as a backdrop!