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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Castle: by Melissa & Doug

My Sister-In-Law & Brother own a store in Fairview, UT called "The Corner Station" I highly recommend it if/when you pass through. They have a wide selection of really cool kinda retro toys. They gave my girls a toy Castle for Christmas which they adore. I have been wanting to photograph it for quite awhile, just cuz it is so cool! Anyway I took the opportunity to have a go last Monday while playing with my youngest. While not technically the best photo's in the world they show two things:

1) How cool this toy is.
2) How versatile my Sigma 17-70 lens is.

I was amazed at how close I could get to things and yet still be at my widest setting of 17mm. My only real problem was lighting. I had the blinds open with decent southern exposure but still needed to up the ISO to 400 and occasionally 800. Nevertheless I liked what I got, though I wish I would have put on my flash and bounced it straight up for more light and shot a little more stopped down, in several instances my DOF was simply too thin at that close of focus.

Nevertheless, here are my favorite shots in no particular order beyond the one they were shot in!

Welcome to my Home!
The Prince leaving to seek his Princess.

Ready for Lunch!

Peek in the Kitchen. (My wife and I have an agreement that we won't post pictures of my kids on my blog seeing as I have a lot of traffic from people we don't know. So this is as close as you will ever get to seeing one of them!) Not sure why I like this shot so much, maybe because it is the only time I caught part of child #3 in focus. Man that child can NOT sit still sometimes!

Bye Bye!!! Thanks for coming!

Holding Court.

Mount up my son and go see the world!

Time for dinner!

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