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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Hoar Frost Morning: Brrrrr.......

Awoke to a cold and foggy morning, I first thought it had unexpectedly snowed, but I soon realized that it was in fact just a heavy frost. As soon as I decently could (i.e. got the kids off to school) I ran out to play before the fog burned off and the frost went away, pyjamas and all. Bet a few people got a giggle out of somebody running around with a camera in flannel pyjama bottoms and a coat lying on the ground taking pictures....

Anyway, these were taken with a combination of my Sigma 10-20 and my Sigma 17-70. It was freezing but fun, the freezing part leads into some of the more interesting compositions. When you are really cold it tends to focus your thoughts... and make your hands shake!


Frieda said...

Love the macro shots~

dawnalee said...

What is the frost covered item in the second shot in the article?

I looove hoar frost. These are fun shots. :o)

Lloyd said...

D'Lee, that would be a leaf..... Kinda crazy huh?