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Friday, November 13, 2009

One Late Fall/Early Winter Morning

Took a day off of work prior to undertaking Full Time HouseHusband duty for two days. Needed to go out and take pictures for fun. This, big surprise, is what I got, an interesting series of photos that I enjoyed taking but that will not rock your world. And I'm OK with that.

This first shot is of the lower part of Bridal Veil Falls, as you can tell by the watermark, it is a HDR done with Photomatix. One day I will need to pay for the full license and get rid of that watermark. I plan to go back next fall, when the leaves are right and the sunset lights everything. Should be fantastic!

This is the Tate Barn on the grounds of Soldier Hollow State Park in Utah, it was a venue for the 2002 Olympics, the park not the barn.

These are the cockleburrs (or whatever the heck they are) that got on my boots while I was wandering taking the preceeding shots.

Midway Cemetary, nothing on or in the little enclosure was straight, made for some interesting shooting. These were all taken with my Trusty K-50mm f1.4 with a Polarizer my Sister/Bro-In-Law gave me that was on an old Sears lens they had, along with a collapsible Rubber hood that doesn't vignette on either my 28mm or 50mm lenses. LOVING IT!

The textures on this rusting fence were just lots of fun to shoot. Most of these shots were at f2.0 or 2.8.

Think this was f4.0
My reward at the end of the day, Biscuits and Gravy with HashBrowns at Chick's in Heber City, that was a great breakfast!

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Frieda said...

Love the photos ~ the food shot was a definite bonus!