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Monday, August 17, 2009

Slot Canyon Redux

Had the wonderful opportunity to revisit a previous location with a good friend of mine. Back in April I hiked part of Little Wild Horse Canyon in the San Rafael Swell. This time I was able to hike the full length of the canyon and the loop behind the top of the swell and back down Bells Canyon, though Bells was somewhat of a disappointment. We then turned our attention to the bottom half of Ding Canyon just down the road. One day I will go back and do the full Ding/Dang Canyon loop. Yes there is a pair of canyons by those names, best of all there is a geological feature between the upper canyon mouth called the "Ding Dang Dome", I just gotta visit that just so I can say I did!


Footsteps said...

Terrific photos. The geology of slot canyons is fascinating, and you've captured it well.

Lloyd said...

Thanks! Next time you are out here, you need to visit the Goblin Valley/San Rafael Swell area. There is a lifetimes worth of area to tackle.

Matt Mathews said...

These are very nice. I especially like the sixth shot and the Juniper/Cedar tree shot. Not too many slot canyons in New Mexico, so I'll have to go to Utah and/or Arizona for them. You've got so much more red rock in your area than we do in New Mexico. Hope you can take full advantage of it. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing places there! Great shots!

Lloyd said...

Marius and Matt!

Thanks both for looking. I really REALLY need to get down there more. You have to catch the light just right or else it is just OK.