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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cosmicar MC 70-200 f1:4 does the Portland, OR ZOO!

I was really quite excited to take my newest lens to the Zoo. I have been finding that it is a sharp and contrasty lens and a heck of a lot of fun! See?

The only drawbacks to this lens are that it is Manual Focus, and it has a bit of a green cast especially in the shadows or in lower light. But that can be fixed fairly easily.


Footsteps said...

Nice detail. ~Especially noticeable in the water and flying dirt shots...

dawnalee said...

that hippo shot is...gnarly. what else can I say?

love the chilling penguin one. :o)

Lloyd said...

Thanks Ladies!

I really liked the Elephant shots, had a hard time choosing just a couple.

The Chilling Penguin was a tough shot, it was inside and through dirty plexiglass.

Thanks for looking!


Brian said...

Great pics. Just found this lens on sale for $20 in good condition. Looking forward to using it!