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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Few Goofy Self Portraits

Not a self portrait shooter at all, not much of a portrait shooter really. Just don't enjoy it much. But I felt it was time to shoot a few "selfers" it came at a serendipitious time, there was a thread on DPReview on self portraits in the afternoon on Sat that I just happened to have images handy for. That was nice.

Anyway here I am in all my goofy glory.

This is at one of my favorite places by where I live. This is a manmade lake but I still love to go up there, it is peaceful and quiet and a place to think.

I can often be found in this position, thinking, or just trying to clear my mind. Don't tell me wife but I (on occasion) stop for a little while on my way home to take a breather before jumping into the chaos of kids and dinner and bedtime. Need to drink a little peace into my soul.

These next shots were taken in the Utah State Capital, see below for other interior shots. As I was getting ready to leave, after wandering the upper galleries, I noticed a shaft of light from one of the windows in the rotunda resting on the railing of the stairs. Being the goofball I am I couldn't resist laying on in for one shot.

These are all taken just to the right of that stair case. the light moved off the railing and onto the floor. I had a lot of fun with these.
Tough Guy pose. Yep, just a pose.....

Looking off into the ??????

I vill break you!!!

Uh Oh, the aliens are about to beam me up!


Spencer said...

The one of you on the banister and then the second one of you casting a shadow are my favorites. Otherwise, I agree with you, they are goofy but fun. When you are out on a shoot by yourself, you need to add the human element every now and then.

Frieda said...

I personally like the lake shots...everyone needs 'transition' time between work and family!