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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Wild Horse Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah

I really struggled with picking the shots to use here, as you can tell by the sheer number I am posting. I took about 115 images in 2 hours or so of hiking. I may have included some here that should have been deleted, but just like I could not give up a child, I have trouble giving up some of my images. As an aside, I REALLY LIKE all my children, and I am not planning to ever give them up!

Anyway, here they are, I will insert comments as I feel necessary, they are posted in order of being taken.

There are many undercut areas and twisty spots. I just love how this shot frames up.

There are many areas where there are these Iron looking deposits in the middle of horizontal sand strata. They could be 2 million year old bird poop for all I know, but I loved seeing them just to provide a little variety.

There are areas where different strata run together at crazy angles. I liked how the wind and water hollowed holes lead into the V, the whole area is fascinating to look at I found myself stopping and just looking at times, forgetting to take pictures.

I guess I like things to open up to the left, either that or mother nature prefers that. You tend to do a lot of looking up at the sky in slot canyons. A little rain upstream can ruin your day.

This is quite nearly one of my favorite views in a slot canyon, Looking straight up at a narrow ribbon of blue sky. It is kind of a lonely feeling being waaayyy down there, but at the same time it makes me feel safe. Maybe I had an ancestor who was a mole? I dunno.

I have found that it is really impossible to capture the feeling of being in a slot. Maybe if I get a fisheye lens one day. It is just an awesome feeling to stand in one of these. The weird and wild shaping of the rock due to water and wind add to the alieness of the landscape.

This shot was taken where we stopped and turned around. There was a long stretch of flooded slot and we didn't want to wade it. I was curious to see if I could get any reflections in the water. Once it completely settled down it was literally smooth as glass.

The blue of the sky was at times overwhelming, It was just SO BLUE especially with the contrast of the stone.

This was my attempt at a more artsy shot. I find that if I try to compose a shot that is balanced and blah blah blah, well it ends up a blah shot to me. I don't know if it is a failure of my technique, or lack of inspiration, but I tend to do better just walking around and shooting what catches my eye. This is a more studied shot, I included it because it sets the scene of the opening back out of the canyon. I am not sure I like it a LOT, but I don't hate it either.

1 comment:

Frieda said...

Great pics, Lloyd! You can definitely spends hours in a place like this...the blue sky is blue because there is NO pollution down is the color it was intended to be. I love the color, too.