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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My New Sigma 17-70

As mentioned previously, I bought a new lens, my first autofocus lens, and guess what? I LOVE IT!! Here a few samples of what it can do. I have hardly screatched the surface of how versatile a lens it is. It can literally focus so close that the subject is almost touching the front of the lens. It is prety sharp and I think I will really really like it. Really.

Here is a near 100% crop of the main part of the shot. This is using the natural light from the comparison shoot between the 3 lenses I posted a few days ago.

The original.
This is also a cropped shot but not quite as much as the first. Looking at the original, leaves you amazed at how sharp it is.

This shot was taken hand held at work, right after a patient gave me these flowers to take home to my wife.

These next three shots were taken at a park near my work. This was my first chance to play with my lens outdoors. This goose was moving quite quickly, and was a little too fast for the autofocus.

I love how wide this lens goes, it is the equivalent to 26mm on a film camera, and it is quite sharp corner to corner, with very little chromatic aberration. I just LIKE it.

A close up of a budding twig, this demonstrates the uselessness of autofocus with macro, it is best to just turn it off and do it yourself. I was trying for the bed, and got the little budlet right in front of it.

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