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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nativity and Temple Shots

I have loved sitting by this fountain on warmer days, looking at the temple and drinking in the peace of temple square. I especially love temple square during the Christmas Season. It brings back memories of High School Choir times, singing in the visitors centers and assembly hall. Ah... I love this place.

I was very excited to see this nativity in the middle of the reflecting pool just east of the Temple. It just seemed like such a cool idea. It was hard to photograph due to it's lighter color and the amount of light it received. I think I handled it fairly well.


Frieda said...

Great shots, Lloyd!


These photos make me want to come out from Chicago to Salt Lake City and see if I can do as well as you -- you are a great example for us ham-handed amateurs.

Lloyd said...

WOW! Henry Thanks! but I am just as rank of an amateur as anybody else you run into. This is just an area I have played with a lot and a setting I know well.

I took about 115 shots to get the shots I did get. Lots of trial and error, but lots of fun. Did I mention the cold? I finally gave up because after 3 hours my hands were so cold I could hardly focus/swap lenses.

Have a good one!


Cold hands while photographing? See I just ordered a pair for myself. David Pogue raved about them in his New York Times column on cool computer and photography gear for the holidays. Not expensive, either.

roentarre said...

You have done well with the colours.

roentarre said...

You have done well with the colours.

Lars said...

My favorite is the West facing/ vertical view across the reflecting pool. Beautiful!