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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn Roads

When I was a kid I always wished I lived back east where the color was so awesome in the fall. (Or so I was led to believe.) As I get older, I realize that we have some pretty good color here as well. I like to road trip, I like to take short drives, the road is a powerful symbol to me, Autumn leaves falling at the side of the road on those drives... well they make me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Fall signals the start of the holiday season, and all the sounds, sensations, anticipation that goes with that. When the weather changes, I change........... and I think I like it.

I know that neither of these is a spectacular photo in it's own right, but the memory of driving these roads in our first real rainstorm of the fall, between sessions of conference, all my girls happy to be there doing it. That is a special memory I shall treasure every time I look at these two shots.

Quantaray 28mm f2.8

1 comment:

Frieda said...

You're right, we do have some great color here and I appreciate the symbolism of the "road." Reminds me of our journey, where we may be heading, and sometimes, just the road not taken...beautiful shots!