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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good/Bad Polarizer

Shot the first one with my Pentax 135mm without polarizer, then the second with, and the exposure adjusted to compensate for the lost light. I had forgotten that I had turned up the contrast and some other settings just for fun prior to that, I think it made the second one a little gaudy don't you?


Brenda said...

I like both "versions" but I think it would be great if you could have the background of the first with the leaves of the second.

You are obviously having a lot of fun with your camera. How do you find the time to take all of these wonderful photos?

I just purchased a polarizing filter and look forward to learning how/when to use it.

Lloyd said...

Thanks Bren!

I just squeeze it in as I can, I usually get something vaguely decent on each trip it seems.

Polarizers can be useful for reducing reflections that distract from a scene, as well as enhancing the saturation of colors. Though they can often have interesting effects, like popping out the background of that shot. Just play with it and you will be amazed wat it can do. It can also cut out apparent haze too.

Brenda said...

Do you use the view finder or LCD screen?

dlshield said...

nothing like a polarizing filter to produce those amazingly blue skys.